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Complete Game Consulting is dedicated to providing insightful analysis into the game of baseball.  We utilize advanced statistical techniques and have a unique understanding of data sets gathered by new tracking technologies such as PITCHf/x, HITf/x, and TrackMan.  Six leaders in the field of baseball analysis leverage their diverse skills to create a collaborative analysis team with outstanding capabilities.

News and Announcements

November 16, 2010: TruMedia Networks and Complete Game Consulting announce partnership: TruMedia, provider of InDepth Baseball, has partnered with Complete Game Consulting, whose partners will be joining the TruMedia Baseball Analytics Advisory Board. Complete Game looks forward to sharing more about this exciting new relationship in the coming weeks. [read more]

June 29, 2010 : Complete Game Consulting assists New York Times with Interactive Feature: The June 29 online edition of the New York Times included a video and animation feature on Mariano Rivera's dominance. CGC provided pitch classifications and a trajectory model which were used to create a fascinating set of animations depicting Rivera's pitch movement, spin and location. [watch the video]

Our Staff

Dave Allen is an expert in spatial statistics and graphical analysis.  He is a staff writer for Fangraphs and Baseball Analysts.

Dan Brooks brings his expertise in learning and cognition to dissecting the behavior of baseball players.  He is the owner of, provider of real-time PITCHf/x graphing.

Mike Fast brings expertise in the physics of baseball and is recognized as a leader in pitching analysis using PITCHf/x.  He is formerly a staff writer for the Hardball Times and currently writes for Baseball Prospectus.

Alan Nathan is a physics professor at University of Illinois and an expert in the physics of baseball, having published numerous scientific papers in that area.  He has considerable experience using both PITCHf/x and Trackman for trajectory analysis.

Harry Pavlidis is recognized as a leading expert in PITCHf/x analysis.  He is a staff writer for the Hardball Times and owns

Colin Wyers is an expert in defensive evaluation and run-based valuation systems.  He is formerly a staff writer for the Hardball Times and currently writes for Baseball Prospectus.

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